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Welcome to the Gwrych Castle History and Publications Website! Watch Out Theres A New Book Out!!! The Rise and Fall of Gwrych Castle, Abergele, North Wales including Winifred, Countess of Dundonald ~ A Biography ~ Please Visit the Castle Shop to Order! This Website is in support of the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust! We hope you enjoy your visit!

In 1997 ASFOG (A Society For the Friends of Gwrych) was founded and in 2001 it became a registered charity called the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust. I founded both societies to raise awareness for the plight of Gwrych and also to find possible solutions for the conservation and preservation of the site. Through much hard work a lot has been achieved these past seven years and the profile of the Castle has been significantly raised; we have supporters from all over the globe!

So far, through continual monitoring, the Trust has been instrumental in over-seeing developments with the guidance of many National Organisations. The Trust has sought the backing of the Local Authority, who assisted in securing the building in conjunction with CADW Publishing our quarterly newsletters, monthly committee meetings and contact with relevant organisations has placed the Trust in a prominent position within the local community, whilst the continual erosion of this Grade One listed building continues as a result of exposure to the elements. The Trust aims to work towards trying to secure the building and help to implement a custodial role with regards to the preservation of this important structure. Interested individuals can join the Trust, any help would be most appreciated in trying to save Gwrych Castle!

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